About Me

There are some things in this world that just belong together.
-Shorty and his guitar.
Responsible for the development of his love for music and for his guitar was the influence by his father and grandfather already at a young age. It didn’t take long until they gave their first gigs together as a family. “Shorty” improved more and more and started giving bigger and smaller concerts with just himself and his guitar. So even that “shorty” is still pretty young, he already has a lot of musical expertise.
The lyrics are written by Shorty himself and treat of his experiences with love and life in a special way. His ability to process topics in his songs that touch and affect his generation emotionally and in a relatable manner is what differentiates him from others and already convinced the audience at the contest “Open-Air-Kino-Heilbronn sucht das Musiktalent 2017”, where he took first place.